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The Franken Project – Turning Old RC Stuff Into Cool Models… The process begins…


Over the years we have collected a lot of hobby pieces and parts; from motors and ESCs to hinges and control horns.  As we were cleaning out our storage room last week, we realized that we had an awful lot of stuff that we would most likely never use in any current projects since most of the stuff was out of date and no longer supported.  In fact, some of the components are from companies that are no longer in business.

Rather than trashing all this good ‘stuff’, we decided that we would divide it all up amongst 12 contributors for the magazine and see what kind of flying contraption they can make with it all – enter “THE FRANKEN PROJECT”.


1) Each contributor MUST use all the components sent to them.  It does not matter how they are used but they have to be incorporated into the model somehow.

2) The model must fly for at least one minute under the pilot’s control. Dropping off a cliff for one minute before it hits the ground is not considered flying.

3) No components can fall off in flight

4) The model can take off from the ground or be hand launched.

5) The pilot must demonstrate controlled flight by making at least one left and right hand circle while airborne.

6) The model MUST be a custom creation – no commercially available air-frames can be used, but a mix of parts from old planes can be incorporated.

Over the next few days, each contributor will be receiving their packages and will start to share their ideas here on this blog.  Check back for progress updates.

This should be a fun little “competition” to see who can come up with the most creative use of old RC stuff.

-The editors