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SKS Video Productions: Florida Jets 2013

Florida Jets was once again held at Lakeland Linder Airport in Lakeland, Florida, and continues to bring together the hottest pilots and planes from around the globe.

This year’s show features many of the top pilots demonstrating the latest in jet technology. Goetz Vogelsang debutes two aircraft, A large BAE Hawk and a Quantum Jet Biplane (cover). Rod Snyder shows off his classic JMP Hustler and David Shulman demonstrates the new Aurora. Ali Machinchy flys no less that three aircraft at this year’s show – a twin turbine F-14 Tomcat, a thrust vectoring F-22 Raptor and a jet powered ASK 21 glider. Lowell Wexler has the new Fly Eagle Jets Vampire while Gerardo Diaz campaigns his Skymaster Cougar. Other aircraft featured on this video include two F4D Skyrays, several BAE Hawks, an F-15, F-86, Two Hawker Hunters and even a ME162 Comet. Plus, we have inflight footage from four different aircraft!

Total Running Time: DVD 97 min. Blu-ray 113 min.