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Seth Arnold Earns His Third Consecutive XFC Crown

Internationally recognized as one of the most challenging aerobatic competitions in the world, the Extreme Flight Championships (XFC) in Muncie, IN demands the peak of performance from both pilot and aircraft. Now in its 11th year, invited challengers for the XFC crown come from all points on the globe so they can redefine to a live audience of thousands what’s possible with a Giant-Scale airplane or 90-class helicopter. Seth Arnold, an air category product developer at Horizon Hobby, has faced the XFC challenge for five years. This year’s 2013 event marked a first in the world of 3D competition when Seth took the first place podium position for the third year in a row. In all three of those years, he relied on Spektrum™ technology and Hangar 9® aircraft to see him through. Here’s what he had to say:

“One of the key points to XFC is a consistent, solid and well executed flight, along with high performance 3D aerobatics. The combination of the Spektrum DX18 and Hangar 9 Composite QQ Yak 54 delivers on all of that…plus some. With the advanced programming of the DX18, one can get the airplane flying the way they want very quickly; and with the QQ Yak, it’s a solid flying airplane out of the box. Couple that together and you can get flying extremely well in a small amount of time. That leaves more time for better practice and preparation, with the confidence that it is just going to work!”

Want to learn more about the Composite QQ Yak 54 2.6 m (HAN5200) and its world champion performance? Get to your favorite Hangar 9 retailer or check out the product page on hangar-9.com. There you’ll find specs, features and video of this amazing 3D aircraft in action.

Inside Seth’s Hangar 9 Composite QQ Yak 54 2.6 m
Engine: Desert Aircraft DA 120 (regular mufflers)
Propeller: Falcon 27 x 11 (Carbon Fiber)
Engine: Desert Aircraft DA 120 on mufflers
Radio: Spektrum DX18 transmitter
Receiver: Spektrum AR9110 9-Channel DSMX PowerSafe receiver
Servos: JR8911HV (Ail. x4, Elev. x2), JR8711HV (Rud. x1), JR8917HV (Throt.)
Batteries: Thunder Power 65C 2S 1300mAh (receiver x2); Spektrum 12C 2S 1350mAh (ignition)
Regulator: Spektrum 5203 Voltage regulator (ignition)
Option: Harris Smoke Pump