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Seagull Ultra Jet 52-61 ARF

This sport jet, with it’s unique pusher configuration, is sure to stand out at any flying field! It’s lightweight and strong airframe is constructed of balsa and plywood and covered in genuine Hangar 9® UltraCote® covering for a high-quality and durable finish. The eye-catching color scheme will make for easy flight orientation and the included oleo strut, retractable landing gear helps the Ultra Jet achieve jet-like speeds by tucking its landing gear up out of the airflow while in flight. An electric power conversion hardware package is included, with a removable top hatch for easy battery access. The ARF kit also includes a detailed open cockpit and lightweight pilot figure.


Wingspan 56.3 in
Wing area 1123.8
Length 61.8 in
Approximate Flying Weight 6.6-7.5 lbs
Recommended engine size 0.55-0.61 2-stroke; 0.72 4-stroke
Price: $347.99