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Seagull Cessna 337 36-46 ARF

Seagull introduces the Cessna 337 36-46 ARF, a scale model of the civilian twin engine, pusher and puller aircraft. Instead of the engines being mounted on the wings, one is mounted in the nose and the other at the rear of the pod style fuselage. Seagull have successfully reproduced this model with twin engine capability and superb detail. Details such as scale oleo nose landing gear, functional flaps and led lights are all included and provide realism in the air and on the ground. Top quality balsa and balsa plywood construction is covered in genuine Hangar 9 Ultracote for durable and easy to repair finish. All the hardware needed to finish assembly is included. Price: $349.99


ARF balsa and balsa plywood construction for a strong and lighter airframe

Scale oleo nose landing gear and painted aluminum main landing gear provide scale realism

Functional flaps for enhanced flight characteristics and new flight envelope

Scale pilots and detail cockpit included add to scale appearance

LED Lighting included for appearance and scale looks

Factory painted fiberglass engine cowls, requires no finishing by the customer

Covered and trimmed in Genuine Hangar 9 Ultracote with pre-cut decal applied

All necessary hardware included