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Savöx 1270 Series Servos Dominate!

The initial batch of Savöx 1270 serie servos sold out earlier this year but the entire, but the full line of much sought after servos is now back in stock. It has been over a year since Savöx first announced the 1270 series servos and the anticipation began. Savöx USA Brand Manager Joel said that the 1270 series is “everything you like about the 1250 line and 1260 line combined into one.”
The most anticipated servos in this line include the SV-1270TG and SV-1273TG, which feature high voltage, coreless motors, and titanium gears. The 1270 has been dubbed “Monster Torque” with .11 oz/in speed and a massive 488 oz/in torque @7.4V, while the 1273 offers “Ultra Speed” with .065 oz/in speed and 222 oz/in torque @7.4V.

Savöx servos are available in the U.S. through HRP Distribution. Contact 1-800-622-7223 for distribution inquires or visit to buy now or locate a dealer near you.

Savox 1270 Series Servos Release