Sunday, April 21, 2024
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RealFlight 7 Update K – Fly the Great Planes Proud Bird

Update K is the latest update for RealFlight 7, and speed plays a part in both new offerings. The first is the chance to fly the Great Planes Proud Bird. The R/C version is a speed demon, pure and simple, legal for NMPRA EF1 Class Racing and capable of speeds approaching 100 mph (160 kph). In short, it’s strictly a plane for the advanced pilot. On RealFlight, however, the Proud Bird can be flown by any pilot and from whatever 3D or PhotoField flying site the pilot chooses.The second is the Balloon Burst III challenge — a race to see how many balloons a pilot can burst before time runs out. Within Balloon Burst III, there are ten exciting levels and ten challenging new scenarios to choose from. In one, balloons start out in a cluster, but suddenly separate and float way — each in a different direction. Others give the pilot the chance to fly a glider and burst balloons anchored to an aircraft carrier, use a Harrier to hunt down balloons on the hangar deck or burst balloons in, around and above the Castle from the SkyShip. The possibilities are endless. RealFlight 7 owners can download Update K free by going to the RealFlight launcher, or by setting their copy to check for updates each time the program boots up.