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Propwash Videos: 2013 Year in Review Video

SKS Video takes a look back at all the shows that they were a part of in 2013, featuring highlights from each of the shows. Also included is newly released footage from the events that they know you are going to enjoy. Some of the shows that they look back on are Florida Jets, SEFF, IRCHA Heli Jamboree, NEAT Fair, XFC, Warbirds over Delaware and Monster Planes USA to name just a few. Footage includes: Jim Daly’s Hyperbipe, Jamie Hicks Edge 540, Goetz Vogelsang’s Jet Bipe, Dave Perrone’s D8, Kirk Hall’s FW190, Scott Marr’s Hawk 100 and Lee Woodworth’s flying pool toy. Plus much, much more.

Run Time 114 Min.

Available in DVD or Hi Def Blu-Ray

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