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Prop Wash Video: 2013 Joe Nall

Welcome to the Triple Tree Aerodrome in Woodruff, South Carolina, for the largest Fun-Fly in the world. This week long event attracted almost 1200 registered pilots! Featured aircraft include Matt and Bob Komro’s Turbo Cub, Sal Apice’s giant Cessna 182, Mike Milos’ Mig-21, Henry Mausolf’s F7F Tigercat and Karl Schneider’s awesome Pitts 12 , just to name a few. The boys from Germany were in attendance en force, 18 strong with 5 superb models. You’ll also join us for the highlights of the noontime show and nighttime flying as well as a visit to the biggest barbeque in R/C Model Aviation. The producers of this program would like to thank Pat and Mary Lou Hartness, Mike Gregory and Bob Sadler, as well as all the members of the Confederate Air Farce for their assistance during the shooting of this program. Fun, Fellowship, Hospitality and Airplanes! What more could you ask for?

DVD Run Time: 102 Minutes Blu-Ray 112 Minutes.

Also available in Hi Def Blu-Ray