Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Precision Aerobatics Addiction XL

The Addiction XL joins the PA Addiction family already available in 39 and 50 inch span – this new feather-light 59” design incorporates many new features in the FiberFusion® construction, the industry leading carbon/balsa/ply building technique developed by Precision Aerobatics.

The ADXL is a 3D dedicated airframe, but unlike any other 3D plane, this one will perform accurately any precision aerobatics manouvers allowing you to execute many new manouvers you were unable to perform with any other models, making you look like a pro on the flying field.

Engineered for precision flying, the ADXL is a very neutral airframe – you will find zero coupling and no mixing required for precision flying. No CG adjustment required for switching between precision and 3D flying either!

The ADXL Thrust 50/Quantum70/6S 2200mAh LiPo set up is very responsive allowing you to get out of get out of the most difficult situations with ease. This, combined with its predictability and very slow flying capability, makes it a perfect choice for entering into 3D or you can just enjoy it as an accurate sport plane and build your confidence. Yet in the hands of an advanced 3D pilot – the ground is truly the limit!