Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Plantraco NanoBlimp

Prepare to be amazed! This helium-filled RC airship gives you the freedom of weightless flight. You will enjoy piloting the NanoBlimp with precision, proportional fingertip control of climbs, turns and dives up to 200 feet away! Small size and rechargeable battery make this high quality electronic marvel lots of fun for RC airplane hobbyists and others, and it’s also economical! A standard 10″ party balloon is filled with Helium Gas – providing lift! Attach the Gondola with double sided tape – The Gondola itself weighs almost nothing! 3 Micro-Motors provide the thrust in all directions so you can climb, dive, spin – all by remote control!

The Nano-X controller is fully proportional and has 4 User Selectable Frequencies so you and your friends can all fly in the same room. 3 Mix Modes, 3 Mapping Settings, Exponential and Beginner modes available for pro control of this Supertoy from Plantraco! The charger is built right in to the remote, so when you’re done flying just plug the receiver into the transmitter charge cord.

The NanoBlimp is ready to fly at a moments notice. Just disconnect your fully charged receiver off of the combination transmitter/charger and you are ready for R/C Flying Fun!