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Fly RC Airshow

This awesome giant-scale F-86 was custom commissioned by Shailesh Patel, who hired master builder Joe Grice to build seven of these airframes. This Sabre weighs 52 pounds dry and has a length and wingspan of 96 inches (8 feet square).

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FLY RC Airshow

Regular Fly RC readers will recall the microflight milestones achieved by Martin Newell of San Jose, CA. We reported in the February 2006 issue that Martin was the first to break the 1-gram barrier for an electric radio-control model. At the 2006 NEAT Fair, Martin was at it again with his .695-gram model—the first under 700 milligrams.

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Parkzone T-28 Trojan RTF

Success and recognition can be challenging goals, especially when you are trying to escape the shadow of a more famous older sibling. Such is exactly the case for North American’s T-28 Trojan. Following the WWII-era T-6 Texan trainer—of which over 17,000 examples have served the armed forces of almost 50 countries— the T-28 had some pretty big shoes to fill.

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JR X9303 2.4 Radio System

In my March/April 2005 “Radio Spectrum” column in RCM magazine, the topic was a truly revolutionary radio system—the XP9303 from JR (Horizon Hobby). This 9-channel radio system has a 30-model memory and three model types (airplane, sailplane and helicopter) with virtually limitless programming options via a unique rolling selector system. This 72MHz system became my favorite; now it has been improved with a built-in 2.4 Spread Spectrum system (add-on modules for the 72 version are also available).

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Futaba 12FG Radio System

Positioned neatly between Futaba’s sport radio line and itsextreme high-end systems, the new 12FG is a full-tilt, top-end,no-holds-barred radio in a very refined package. Though missingsome of the bling of the 12Z and 14MZ, you don’t have to pay foranything that you might not really need. When you’re flying, mostimportant are all the little things that add up to a higher level of controlover your prized model; there, this radio doesn’t skimp on anything. Ifyou want the best for less, look closely at Futaba’s new 12FG radio.

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