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OSEngines 55AX ABL Engine

The easy way to improve performance in a .40-size model is to simply drop in a 55AX ABL engine from O.S. More horsepower allows the engine to swing bigger
props, which means sharper 3D maneuvers, more precise patterns and sport flying that’s the ultimate in fun. Best of all, there are no modifications required! The OS 55AX has the same exact mounting and bolt pattern as the OS 46AX.

* Fits the same mount and bolt pattern as the 46AX
* Replaces the previous 55AX ABL engine (OSMG0556)
* Angular head design increases surface area for better cooling
* Diagonally placed needle eliminates the need for a remote needle valve
* Straight and 90° muffler adapters are included

* Displacement: 0.545 cu in (8.93 cc)
* Bore: 0.91 in (23 mm)
* Stroke: 0.85 in (21.5 mm)
* Practical RPM Range: 2,000-17,000
* Weight: 14.3 oz (404 g)
* Includes: #8 glow plug, 40K carburetor, E-3071 muffler
* Recommended Props: 11 x 6, 11 x 7, 12 x 6, 12 x 7, 13 x 6