Monday, July 22, 2024
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New Spektrum Telemetry Sensors

Spektrum continues to grow its impressive line of telemetry hardware and accessories with these two new sensors for Spektrum aircraft telemetry systems.

JetCat Sensor
This small, 4-gram sensor plugs directly into the ECU of a JetCat turbine engine and provides real-time data on throttle position, pack voltage, pump voltage, EGT, RPM and OFF condition.

GPS Sensor
This tiny onboard sensor is designed to deliver GPS reference data to Apple® mobile devices equipped with the Spektrum STi™ telemetry interface. Data provided includes a model’s latitude and longitude, heading, ground speed and altitude above Mean Sea Level. It also provides GPS time. It’s perfect for locating downed models as well as tracking performance.

Get info on these and the many other Spektrum telemetry options at or your favorite Spektrum retailer.

SPMA9584 Aircraft Telemetry JetCat Sensor $39.99
SPMA9587 Aircraft Telemetry GPS Sensor $99.99