Saturday, June 15, 2024
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New Futaba 18MZ Software

Pilots with an 18MZ will have even more to like about their system, courtesy of a free software download from Futaba. Contents include added capabilities and conveniences that 18MZ pilots have requested most, including the ability to log telemetry data and convert the data for display on spreadsheet programs.

Update highlights include:
* Telemetry data logging (SD card required)
* On/Off control of variometer melody is now switch assignable
* External voltage alarm continues even after reaching 0.0 volts
* Variometer rate-of-climb data now expressed in fpm (feet per minute)
* Atmospheric pressure now shown in inHg (inches of mercury)
* Additional S.Bus servo programming functions
* Support for the Robbe® current sensor
( Telemetry Log Data Conversion Tool, for converting data to a .csv file format compatible with Windows® Excel® and other spreadsheet programs.

18MZ owners can download the update at: