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NEAT Fair 2014


September 12-14 2014

The NEAT Fair or Northeast Electric Aircraft Technology fair marks the start of fall and for many is the last big show before the building season starts for those in the northern states.  Join hundreds of other electric RC enthusiasts for a weekend of electric RC fun in the Catskill mountains of south central New York state.


Who/what can I expect to see there?

Electric model enthusiasts from all over North America attend the three day Fair. They bring with them hundreds of different types of models; scale, sport, micro, giant scale, jets, helicopters, slow flyers, park flyers …. you name it… it will be there, all powered by electric motors!! Vendors and manufacturers will also be on hand to talk about new products/ideas and sell you their products/wares.


What is the format of the meet?

The field will be open all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for AMA members to fly their models. The field will be shut down from 12 noon to 1pm, each day, for 6 demo flights, by some of the most talented electric modelers in attendance. The pit area will be open for spectators to view all the models brought to the meet. The flightline will be far enough away for safety, but close enough for great, unobstructed, viewing of these graceful, quiet models against a Catskill Mountain landscape. Food concessions will be on-site for the entire 3 day event, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner most days. Prizes will be raffled off throughout the weekend.