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Merchandise Certificate with OS Brushless Motors

For a limited time (through December 31, 2013) consumers will receive a merchandise certificate worth up to $10.00 with purchase of an O.S. Brushless Motor. O.S. is famous for their quality and performance – so now is the perfect time to give the O.S. Brushless Motors a try!

O.S. performance and reliability are legendary. From now through year’s end, modelers have an added incentive to enjoy both: a merchandise certificate of up to $10 on every O.S. brushless motor they buy. The offer is available on all O.S. brushless flight motors purchased now through December 31, 2013. Purchasing a brushless airplane motor qualifies for a $5 merchandise certificate, while buying either heli motor qualifies for a $10 certificate. Both certificates are redeemable for products from O.S. Engine and/or 30 other top R/C manufacturers. It’s a great opportunity for pilots who’d enjoy a bonus for buying the best — and it’s going on now at retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Motors qualifying for a $10 merchandise certificate:

OSMG9450 600-650 Brushless Heli Motor 4535-560 $159.99
OSMG9460 550-600 Brushless Heli Motor 4535-1260 $149.99

Motors qualifying for a $5 merchandise certificate:

OSMG9505 .05 Brushless Airplane Motor 3805-1200 $54.98
OSMG9510 .10 Brushless Airplane Motor 3810-1050 $54.98
OSMG9515 .15 Brushless Airplane Motor 3815-1000 $54.98
OSMG9525 .25 Brushless Airplane Motor 3820-1200 $74.98
OSMG9526 .25 Brushless Airplane Motor 3820-960 $79.98
OSMG9530 .30 Brushless Airplane Motor 3825-750 $79.98
OSMG9538 .52 Brushless Airplane Motor 5010-810 $104.98
OSMG9540 .40 Brushless Airplane Motor 5020-490 $109.98
OSMG9550 .50 Brushless Airplane Motor 5025-375 $97.11