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MaxAmps Celebrates their Tenth Anniversary!

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2015 marks the tenth year that MaxAmps has been in business making lithium polymer batteries for unmanned aerial vehicles, RC surface vehicles and almost every other segment of the RC market. According to Austin Else, owner and founder of MaxAmps, “Within the last few years, we have become the industry leader in the emerging Unmanned Aerial Vehicle market by offering the most reliable batteries with the highest energy density available.”


Austin originally started MaxAmps in his two car garage, where he would build NiMh and NiCd batteries for the RC Airplane market. Else’s wife, Shannon answered phone calls and shipped out packages from the living room during the day. “Sometimes I would be building batteries till two or three in the morning and then going back to work the next day as a mortgage broker”, Else continues.


Quick expansion saw MaxAmps add batteries for the RC car market. “We were the very first company to offer lithium polymer batteries for the RC Car market,” Else explained. “Lithium polymer batteries offered many benefits over the NiMh and NiCd cells, including higher energy density and higher voltage under load.”

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According to Else, passion is what makes his company great. “My favorite thing is working in an industry that I am passionate about. Work never feels like work when you love what you do. It’s also not unusual to see a few RC vehicles, including cars, trucks and multi-rotors buzzing around MaxAmps during business hours. It is a very fun place to work, as all the employees are also hobbyists themselves,” he adds.

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USA-based MaxAMps will continue to assemble all of their battery packs in the USA, in order to create the best quality batteries. “Building our packs here in the USA also allows us to custom build a battery that is the perfect solution for our customers’ specific needs,” Else comments. As they head into their second decade of doing business, MaxAmps vows to continue to focus on building the world’s best battery, offering the very best customer service in the industry, and creating a “raving” MaxAmps fan-base. “Our goal is to remain the number one source for high quality lithium batteries for both the UAV and RC market and continue to grow every year,” Else concludes.

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