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Icare RC Factory Mini Crack Yak 3D with XM1812RTR-42 motor/integrated ESC

Mini Crack Yak (82.00 U$)

ICARE is pleased to introduce the new Mini Crack Yak 3D plane, made by RC Factory, which also the perfect match to the new XM1812RTR-42 motor with integrated esc, all in one motor. The Crack Yak Mini is the most high performance 3D and Xtreme Aerobatic small EPP plane on the market! The Mini evolved out of our quest for a small super high-performance plane that could be flown literally anywhere, in any space, yet improve on the over the top performance of the original Crack Yak. Through our extensive design and testing program over the last year we have honed in on the exact wing loading, power to weight ratio and developed the new airframe tweaks needed to excel in this smaller size. The result is going to be the most fun plane that you have ever had! Due to the entirely pre-printed EPP components, as well as carbon and spruce reinforcements it only takes about 2 evenings to build this very robust and lightweight models. Over 15 minutes flying fun with Lithium-polymer batteries!

Kit contents: Pre-printed and pre-cut EPP components for fuselage, wings, tail plane, wing spar, struts and pushrods, hardware. Extremely well balanced model: can be flown extremely slowly and is very robust. Incredible flying manoeuvres, no matter whether flown indoors or outdoors. No space is too small, no doorframe too tight, no manoeuvre too crazy!

Wing Span: 600mm (23.5″)
Length: 600mm (23.5″)
Flying Weight: 80 g (2.8 oz)
Radio: Sub-micro servos and micro receiver
Recommended setup: XM1812RTR, 2S-260mAh, 3 servos TS1002

XM1812RTR-42 motor with integrated ESC (39.00 U$)

All in one motor with integrated esc, specs:
KV: 2330RPM/V
Stator Diameter: 14.4mm
Magnet length: 3mm
Shaft diameter: 2
Mounting holes pitch: 22/22
Weight: 11g
Resistance(Ri): 640mOhm
Idle Current(Io) @10V: 0.25A
No.of Cells(LiPo): 2
Max. Efficiency Current: 3A
Max. Burst Current (15s): 3.5A
Max. Power(15s): 24.5W
Prop. Range: GWS 6×3
App. Class: 75g 3D planes
? Based on proven Xmotor MA series brushless motor design. Adopt curved magnets and higher grade laminations, more powerful upgraded.
? Integrated brushless speed controller. The connections of Xmotor and ESC is under patent -protection.
? The weight of power systems reduced significantly. For example: XM1812MA + XC0610BA = 15g, XM1812RTR = 11g. 
? Speed controller PCB to act as firewall. Can be directly fixed to the airplane head, further reduce the weight (subject to patent protection).
? Lower internal resistance from power group. AS integration of Xmotor and ESC, wires optimized to the shortest while soldered at the factory.
? RTR system is compact on volume, even the occupied space by ESC can be ignored.
? Ready to Run, easy to use. Fans no longer need to frustrate on selecting the configuration and welding the connectors.
? Battery tip with JST plug, the signal line modular design for easy change to different length.
? Passed the impact test, RTR system proved durable.