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Icare MPJet Super Atom 1.8 Diesel Engine Replica

This engine is replica of the original Super Atom 1.8 engine, designed by Vladimír Hruška of Czechoslovakia. The original Atom 1.8 engine was made in small batches near the end of 1945.The Super Atom 1.8 was derived from this original model and features a design that is typical to a postwar engine. Specific features include long stroke, self ignition, a plain bearing, piston controlled combustion, “T” type side scavenging, and a three axial attachment lug type crankcase.

This new replica is practically the same engine as the original Super Atom 1.8 but includes the following improvements: a heat treated crankshaft (the original was made from silver mild steel) and nitro carburized hardened steel cylinder liner (the original liner was from meehanite). A modified window shape in the liner wall results in better starting and higher power. Like all MP Jet products, this replica diesel engine is  produced on modern CNC machines. This replica will be produced in a 500 pieces limited series, with each engine having a unique serial number stamped on the rear side of the crankcase.










Swept Volume: 


0.11 cu-in




Recommended rpm:

4000-6500 r.p.m.


Recommended prop:

11″x5″ — 12” x 5”


 Super Atom 1.8 engine

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