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ICARE Magellan 3.4 ALES Competition Sailplane

The Magellan 3.4 ALES was developed for ALES (altitude limited electric soaring) or F5J electric thermal duration categories. It is now Icare’s largest version of the popular series of Magellan electric gliders. In development for over a year, this competitive airframe is very light, possesses great handling and excellent wind penetration, and is made available at a very affordable price. The wing structure features the same molded full carbon technology that made the Magellan series successful. This construction method results in a very strong, yet light wing and a very accurate airfoil shape. The fuselage is built using a full Kevlar/Carbon lay-up that is cured under high pressure to reduce weight to a minimum. This technology is similar to that used on the Magellan 110. It is extremely strong, stiff and light. All of this results in a very competitive airframe. A long tail arm and elaborate wing planform create smooth and easy low speed handling, allowing pilots to work small low-level thermals with confidence. A small amount of rudder input is all that is required to hold the plane in a thermal turn. At the other end of the performance spectrum, programming an aggressive crow allows for slow speed, precision landing.

Magellan 34_01


Wingspan: 3.4m (134″)

Wing Area: 61.8 dm2 (957 sq in)

Wing Airfoil: AG40-AG43 mod.

Wing Loading: 25 g/dm2 (8.4 oz/sq ft)

Flying Weight: 1.5 – 1.8 kg (55-63 oz)

Price: $1,059.00

Requires sub micro servos, micro receiver and Mega 16/30/3 on 3S

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 Magellan 34_02