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ICARE Bellanca Super Decathlon Tow Plane

ICARE is pleased to release their new Bellanca Super Decathlon towplane

The Bellanca Super Decathlon was the most powerful aircraft of its type. ICare is now releasing a great scale reproduction of the Bellanca Super Decathlon in IMAA size. This airframe is the perfect tow plane, but also a joy to fly and see! Accurately reproduced with an authentic profile, this large airplane features great in-flight performance. The sturdy flaps allow steep landing approaches without excess acceleration, making it possible to land the big Bellanca at your feet to get another glider on the tow and in the air quickly. This model also excels at aerobatics and shows excellent stability in any situation. Equipped with a 60 to 110cc engine it will fly like a trainer. The kit includes the two release mechanisms required for aerotowing.

Electric tug is also possible with now the famous Plettenberg Predator 37-6; it will tow 25-40lbs gliders to the sky’s limit. This Bellanca has proven to be a great tug for gliders with weights up to 55lbs.

Kit Contents:
High quality fiberglass molded fuselage, light yet strong, painted either in yellow or red.
Fiberglas motor cowling, PVC windshield
Pre-installed aluminum tow release mechanism and scale aluminum landing gear
Wing are built up in two pieces and covered in Oracover; ailerons and flaps are pre-finished and pre-hinged with pin style hinges
Hard wood struts with aluminum fittings
Tail is built-up fully covered
Comprehensive assembly manual and all required hardware included
Thanks to the QUICK BUILD technique, this airframe can be completed in about 20 hours

Wing Span:3.0 m (118″)
Length:2.18 m (86 “)
Flying Weight:13 – 15 kg (28-33 lbs)
Radio:Power servos and reg. receiver recommended
Motor:60cc to 110cc Electric with Predator

Bellanca Super Decathlon ARF kit, price: 1529.00 U$

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