Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Icare 5.14m Wingspan SB-14 Sail Plane

ICARE is pleased to release a new high performance scale glider, a goregeous all moulded sailplane, suited for thermal flying as well as GPS/cross-country flying. With a span of 5.14 meters this 1:3.5 scale SB-14 has been specifically designed for scale aero-towing. It benefits of a wide speed range, nice energy retention and gentle handling. It is built using the latest F3J/F3B moulding technology. It is a very sturdy and light airframe. It features a massive square wing joiner, all wing controls are RDS, which makes a very clean and efficient wing.

The quality level of this kit is gorgeous, all made from CNC machined moulds, here the kit content:
– Completely finished fuselage, with installed retractable landing gear
– 2 piece wing, 6 servos control (flaps, camber, ailerons), RDS linkage
– Massive floating square carbon joiner
– Canopy fitted and locking mechanism

Scale: 1:3.5 (28.5%)
Wing Span: 5.14 m (202.3″)
Length: 2.1m (83″)
Wing Area: 88.5 dm2 (1371 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: GS1 (thick. 11-10-9-9%)
Wing Loading: g/dm2 ( oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 6.5 kg (230oz)
Radio: Standard radio, std servos for the wings