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Heli-Max MD 530 Flybarless Helicopter

Available in assembled RTF and Tx-R versions, the Heli-Max MD 530 includes details such as LED lights, panel lines and a hidden battery compartment. A fixed pitch, flybarless rotor head makes it more agile than co-axial helis, but easier to control than collective pitch models. A “TAGS” 3-Axis gyro keeps the MD-530 flying smooth and steady, whether it’s outdoors in a light wind or indoors in a living room or garage. Both the RTF and Tx-R versions feature SLT compatibility and come with a 3.7V 150mAh Lipo flight battery and USB-compatible charger. All onboard equipment — including a motor, ESC, digital rotarydrive servos and SLT receiver — are factory-installed for convenience. The RTF version includes a 2.4GHz radio with SLT, digital trims and Beginner and Expert modes.


Rotor Diameter: 9.4 in (239 mm)
RTF Weight with battery: 1.6 oz (45 g)
Length: 8.25 in (208 mm)