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Great Planes RealFlight 6.5 R/C Flight Simulator

RealFlight 6.5 offers several new features to further enhance it’s amazing sense of realism. New TrueView™ lighting makes everything onscreen look as it would on a sunny day at the field. It offers the visual impact of natural sunlight, resulting in brighter, truer colors, sharper contrasts and details that stand out as never before. Light reflects from the ground to the underside of a wing, and canopies are clear and crisply defined, just as they would be on full-size aircraft. Another new addition is the Welcome Screen, which appears once RealFlight 6.5 is launched. In addition to offering a rotating Tip of the Day, the Welcome Screen also offers fast, easy ways to select aircraft, flying site, pre-determined aircraft/flying site combination, helpful training videos, recent aircraft or flying site choices.

Other new enhancements include:

New Graphics Settings & Controller Calibration Screens — allows pilots to modify settings with
a simple slider bar, and see the results immediately

NavGuide™ Customizing options — new editing tools allow pilots to quickly add, delete or modify existing settings, or go back to the factory defaults

Smart Binocular Vision — Activates automatically when the aircraft exceeds a preset difference, and fades away when it’s no longer needed.

Spectacular new physics for airplanes and helis — the product of hundreds of small refinements at every level

More items for customizing flying sites — from glow igniters to transmitters, tables and more

Custom heli blade and airplane prop appearance

Onscreen camera controls

More aircraft and flying sites choices — with more than 70 airplanes, 20 heli choices and 40 flying field choices on RealFlight 6.5 alone. It’s available with either the Air or the Heli Mega Pack™, which expand choices even more.

Featured Airplanes:

Performance Aircraft Unlimited Edge 540 36%
Great Planes® Avistar™ Elite
Flyzone™ Millennium Master
Great Planes Micro F-86 Sabre EDF
Messerschmitt BF109e
Top Flite® F4U Corsair

Featured Helis:

Gaui 330X-S Quad Flyer
Synergy E6
Synergy E7

PhotoField™ Site:

3D Sites:
Aircraft Carrier

RealFlight 6.5, in both air and heli versions, will be available late October.

GPMZ4480 RealFlight 6.5 with Airplane Mega Pack Mode 2 Retail: $299.99 Street: $199.99
GPMZ4481 RealFlight 6.5 with Airplane Mega Pack Mode 1 Retail: $299.99 Street: $199.99
GPMZ4482 RealFlight 6.5 with Heli Mega Pack Mode 2 Retail: $299.99 Street: $199.99
GPMZ4483 RealFlight 6.5 with Heli Mega Pack Mode 1 Retail: $299.99 Street: $199.99