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Great Planes Cirrus SR22T .46-.72/EP ARF

Designed to look and perform just like the original, this scale Cirrus SR22T is a faithful model and a fun flyer all in one! With a molded fiberglass fuselage and wood construction wing and tail surfaces, the Cirrus can be powered with either a glow engine or brushless electric power system. The ailerons, flaps and rudder are all pre-hinged. The wings are removable for easy transportation and the stabilizer halves can be quickly and easily installed on self-aligning tubes. The model is finished in an authentic Cirrus trim scheme and includes running and landing lights.

Wingspan: 69 in (1753 mm)
Wing Area: 493 in² (31.8 dm²)
Weight: 7.5-8.25 lb (3.4-3.74 kg)
Wing Loading: 35-39 oz/ft² (107-119 g/dm²)
Length: 47.8 in (1213 mm)
Requires: 6-channel radio w/6-7 servos, 2-stroke .46-.55 or 4-stroke .70-.72 glow engine or .55
brushless motor, 60A brushless ESC, 22.2V 3350-3600mAh LiPo battery and compatible charger.