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Graupner WP Viper Jet 1400 mm

The Graupner Viper Jet is an ideal 90mm EDF jet trainer model for the ambitious jet pilot. This ARF model is pre-covered and the composite and ABS plastic parts are pre-painted. The model can be equipped with optional electric retracts. The air intake and thrust tube are constructed of high-quality fiberglass composition. All small parts, including fiberglass control horns, control linkages, fasteners, fixed undercarriage, and wheels are included in the kit. Requires a 6S lipoly battery for flight and can reach speeds of 80 MPH (130 km/h).

Wingspan approx.: 1420 mm
All-up weight, approx.: 4100 g
Total surface area, approx. : 41,42 dm²
Overall length, approx.: 1360 mm
Wing loading : 98.9 g/dm²
Overall height approx.: 600 mm