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Grapo 1/4 Scale Fokker DVII ARF

Designed for either electric or gas power systems, this quarter scale Fokker DVII ARF features laser cut wood components and spans over two meters. Printed Solartex covering, scale Williams Brothers machine guns and wheels, and metal sheeting are all included in the kit.

Scale – 1/4
Wingspan – 2095 mm
Length – 1450 mm
Flying weight – 6-7 kg
Wing area – 72,6 dm2

Accesories (included in package):
– wood construction – Laser carved
– 4 servos – aileron 2, rudder, elevator
– 1 servo motor or regulator
– Al metal sheeting
– Al motor cowl
– printed SolarTex covering – different camouflage
– optional personal camouflage and marking
– scale gun machines Williams Brothers model product
– scale wheels Williams Brothers model product
– Scale mount for wing and carriage from steel tubes
– scale rubber suspension on wheels
– scale rubber suspension on spur
– scale hinges on elevator, rudder and ailerons – assembled in factory

For more information see Grapo web site