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Futaba GY440 Series Gyros & SBS-01C Current Sensor

The latest shining examples of  advanced Futaba technology

SBS-01C Current Sensor
Boost your R/C enjoyment with these quality electronic accessories from Futaba! Ultra-lightweight and incredibly compact, GY440 Series gyros offer superior setup ease, combined with the features you demand. All are designed to control a single axis, and all are S.Bus and S.Bus2 capable. Dip switches select gyro direction and mode, with information clearly displayed by green and red LEDs. Versions are available for helis, boats, airplanes and drift cars.

Compatible with select FASSTest and T-FHSS S.Bus2 systems, the SBS-01C Current Sensor puts you “in the know” with your model’s power levels. It collects realtime data on motor current, battery voltage and capacity used. You can set vibration and/or audible alarms for any three functions, and use your transmitter’s data logging functions for more detailed power system analysis. Find out more by visiting

Available: Now

FUTM0781 GY440 Heli Gyro $79.99

FUTM0783 GYA440 Air Single Servo Gyro $79.99

FUTM0785 GYA441 Air Dual Servo Gyro $79.99

FUTM0787 GYC440 Car Drift Gyro $79.99

FUTM0860 SBS-01C Current Sensor $69.99