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Flyzone Tidewater EP Seaplane RTF and TxR

The Tidewater makes an outstanding first float plane, offering simplicity and performance that appeal to every adventurous pilot. It assembles quickly, with no gluing required. The brushless power system provides plenty of muscle for easy takeoffs — from water, short grass or by hand — and exciting sport aerobatics. When it’s time to land, just point the plane into the wind, reduce speed and keep the wings level…it almost lands itself. For all-in-one convenience, Flyzone offers a complete, ready-to-fly (RTF) version. Or, modelers can choose the Tidewater Tx-R Prime, add their own favorite battery and charger, and use any transmitter that features SLT or is compatible with Tactic AnyLink.

– Durable, factory-built AeroCell airframe screws together for fast, easy assembly without gluing.
– Specially contoured fuselage, plug-in floats, and water rudder provide excellent handling while taxiing on water.

Wingspan: 41.5 in (1055 mm)
Length: 36 in (915 mm)
Weight: 30-32 oz (850-905g)