Monday, June 24, 2024
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Evolution 10GX

Gas pilots looking to power their .46- to .61-size models with an engine that is both inexpensive to operate, but extremely easy to tune, look no further! The Evolution® 10GX engine is the smallest gas 2-stroke engine available, and it fits into traditional mounting spaces so there is no special installation necessary.

This 10cc engine is special due to the fact that it is extremely small for a gasoline engine, but it provides modelers who love gasoline power to experience the ease of tuning and the fuel savings that they are not used to with the high cost of nitromethane fuel systems. The 10GX not only offers performance and savings, but it is also very lightweight and perfect for many applications.

  • Gasoline engine lowers operating costs as much as 90%
  • Standard 40- to 46-size beam mount allows for traditional mounting
  • Light weight means better performance
  • Uses a 5% oil mixture with gasoline for less mess at the end of the day
  • Ignition case is half the size of traditional ignition cases for more mounting options
  • Exceptionally broad torque range supports propellor sizes from 11 x 7 up to 13 x 8