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Esprit Model ~ Top Model Super Easy 2E ARF and Rx-R

One of the most impressive European made sailplanes that we have ever seen, the Super Easy 2E flies as good as it looks. Gentle, smooth, and very long flights are the standards for this beauty. The careful use of composites with competition balsa, creates a good light structure that will hold its shape for a long time. The synergy of low weight and strong structure is very unusual in a production sailplane and can only be achieved with careful attention to design and construction. The entire model is constructed using free-flight techniques. Top Model uses the latest construction techniques such as CNC milling and laser cutting. The wings as well as stabilizer are all classic balsa/ply built-up construction. The fuselage is gel-coated fiberglass with white finish. Whole model is covered with Ultracote. Control surfaces are hinged with adhesive tape. This fully built sailplane needs only basic assembly and motor/radio installation. The two piece wing and horizontal stabilizer are each easily removable for transport and storage. Each part is carefully hand-crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The value is simply incredible!

– Control Surfaces: Elevator, Rudder
– Expertly covered, with all seams hand-sealed
– Elegant gel-coated white fiberglass fuselage
– Two-piece, plug-in wing design
– Classic Balsa/Ply, D-box wing construction
– Ultracote covered wings and tail parts
– Includes all necessary hardware
– Virtually perfect, extremely clean and well made
– Available in four color schemes: Red, Blue, Orange and Yello

Airfoil: S7012
Wing area: 680 (43.8
Wing loading: 8.5-9.5 oz/sq.ft. (26.5-30 g/
Empty weight: 20 oz. (570g)

Available in both ARF and Receiver Ready (Rx-R) versions

Suggested Equipment (Sport):
(1) MVVS 2.5/1120
(1) Jeti Advance 30 Pro SB ESC
(1) TP2100 3S battery
(2) HS-65HB servo (rudder, elevator)
(1) BB 40/4/8mm folding spinner
(1) Aeronaut 11×6 folding propeller
(1) Deans connector
(1) Velcro strap for folding propeller
(1) Building Services (Sailplane Firewall Installation)

Suggested Equipment (Power):
(1) Hacker A30 12L
(1) Jeti Spin Pro 33 ESC
(1) TP1800 3S battery
(2) HS-65MG servo (rudder, elevator)
(1) BB 40/5/8mm folding spinner
(1) Aeronaut 12×6 folding propeller

Rx-R Version includes:
(1) Hyperion Gs3020-12/780
(1) Jeti Eco 40 ESC
(1) TP2100 3S battery
(2) HS-65HB servo (rudder, elevator)
(1) BB 40/5/8mm folding spinner
(1) Aeronaut 13×6.5 folding propeller
(1) Deans connector

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Super Easy 2E (ARF) blu

Super Easy 2E (ARF) ora

Super Easy 2E (ARF) red

Super Easy 2E (ARF) Yel

Super Easy 2E (ARF) Kit,