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Esprit Model – Top Model Discus 2a Deluxe (ARF)

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The Discus was the first production sailplane to have a distinctive swept back leading edge; now fairly common in contemporary gliders. Studies had long shown that the ideal wing for minimizing induced drag should be an elliptic platform. To keep production costs down, a triple-trapezoidal approximation of this shape was adopted for the Discus. To date, around 500 of the full-scale gliders have been produced. The fiberglass fuselage is finished flawlessly in white gel-coat. Both the rudder and horizontal stabilizer with elevator are fully hollow molded. The canopy is pre-hinged in a fiberglass frame and comes complete with a scale-like latch and vent. The cockpit is complete with instrument dashboard and fiberglass seat, just like the actual plane. Retractable landing gear with working doors is also installed. A tow release is installed in the nose. The wing and fuselage both have pre-installed wiring harnesses that also include multi-pin connectors for fast, trouble-free setup at the field. The wing is finished beautifully and ready for your aileron and spoiler servos. The only “building” left to do on the wing is to attach the fully molded winglets. The foam core obecchi sheeted wings are easily removed for transportation yet are securely held in place with Topmodel’s ingenious retention system. The spoilers are quite effective and make landing in smaller spaces very possible. While flying, the Discus 2a is predictable and shows no bad habits. The intermediate pilot will have no trouble at all. Whether you aero tow or fly from the slope, the Discus 2a is a good choice. With its fiberglass fuselage and its carbon fiber reinforced obecchi sheeted foam wings the Discus 2a can handle full day of soaring as well as limited aerobatic routine. The careful use of composites with competition balsa, creates a good light structure that will hold its shape for a long time.

Special Features:
– Control surfaces: Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder and Spoilers
– White gel-coated, pre-painted fiberglass fuselage and tail parts
– Pre-installed retractable landing gear with working doors, tail wheel and tow hook
– Foam-core, obecchi-sheeted two-piece wing with fiberglass reinforcement
– Removable hollow molded stabilizer for easy storage and transportation
– UltraCote-covered wings with pre-installed servo wiring
– Scale cockpit frame with canopy latch and dashboard
– Hollow molded wingtips
– Includes all necessary hardware
– Decals applied, ready for final assembly

Airfoil : HQ 3/14-13-12

Wing area : 1000 (64.8
Wing loading : 23-25 oz/sq.ft. (68-77 g/
Empty weight: 107 oz. (3040g)

TM Discus 2a Specs
TM Discus 2a Specs

Suggested Equipment:
(3) HS-5085MG servo (ailerons, elevator)
(3) HS-5485HB servo (rudder, towline release, retract)
(2) HS-5065MG servo (spoilers)
(1) Jeti electronic switch DPS 40

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