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E-Flite UMX Habu 180 with AS3X

This high-performance jet provides you with a totally unique thrill ride experience you can experience from the convenience of a park or backyard. Modeled after the popular ParkZone® EDF sport jet, you get a sharp looking hotrod that’s been custom engineered to deliver impressive maneuverability at a variety of speeds and the agility to hold almost any attitude. At its core is breakthrough ultra-micro electric ducted fan technology featuring inlet and exhaust ducting expressly engineered to harness the full potential of the high-speed 28mm Delta-V® 180m brushless EDF system. The best part of all is the surprisingly rock-solid handling and control feel provided by its AS3X® system. No matter how you choose to fly, AS3X technology provides smooth, natural feeling control while battling many of the bumps and wiggles caused by wind and turbulence. So if it’s goose bumps you want, this jet will help you get them fast.

Using modern manufacturing techniques and sophisticated components, four-channel air control is at your command, plus nose-wheel steering for easy ground handling. The UMX Habu DF 180m can be ready for its first flight in minutes. As a BNF Basic the only things you’ll need to get flying is your favorite Spektrum™ DSM2® or DSMX®-equipped aircraft transmitter, 7.4V 2S 200mAh 25C+ Li-Po flight battery and a compatible Li-Po charger.

Key Features

  • AS3X® System for ultra-smooth handling and precision
  • High-output E-flite® 28mm Delta-V® 180m EDF system
  • High-output brushless inrunner ducted fan motor, 11750Kv
  • Four-channel control with performance linear long-throw servos
  • Engineered intake and exhaust ducting delivers maximum thrust
  • Removable landing gear and steerable nose wheel

Needed To Complete

– 4+ channel DSM2- or DSMX-compatible transmitter
– 7.4V 2S 200mAh 25C+ Li-Po flight battery
– 2S 7.4V Li-Po charger for flight battery