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E-flite Extra 330SC BP 3D ARF

The E-flite® Extra 330SC BP 3D ARF is an electric balsa profile version of the famed aerobatic airplane. Developed to deliver aggressive 3D performance, the Extra 330SC is perfect for 3D pilots looking for a quick fix in their backyard or park or for novice 3D pilots who want to develop their skills without making a huge investment. Designed to use a 450 sized motor, this hybrid-profile aerobat comes at a size that is rarely modeled and delivers greater power-to-weight ratio than its closest competitors. The Extra 330SC comes loaded with design features to increase performance, such as 3D-sized control surfaces and a tapered airfoil. Additional consumer focused details, such as wooden wheel pants, gives the consumer a more polished look to his plane.

EFL2610 Extra 330SC BP 3D ARF MAP – $134.99