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E-Flite Albatros D.Va 25e ARF

The E-flite® Albatros D.Va 25e is an accurate, electric-powered reproduction of the famed German fighter used during WWI with the Jasta 18 squadron. Constructed of laser-cut balsa, this red-nosed hunter includes the finer-point detail only available as a Platinum Series model and is sure to stand the test of time, just like its full-scale cousin. From the Lozenge camouflage covering on the bottom of the wings to the exposed cylinders of the Mercedes engine and the vented barrels of its Spandau machine gun, this battle-bird has an authentic look from any angle.

Key Features:

Fully-functional, shock-absorbing landing gear with scale wheels
Top and bottom plug-in wings with carbon fiber wing tube
Molded motor and machine gun detail
Authentic wire rigging and optional pull-pull controls included
Unique painted aluminum spinner included
Realistic varnished wood tail skid included
Optional cockpit kit available (EFL460515)


Wingspan: 53.0 in (1350mm)
Overall Length: 44.0 in (1120mm)
Wing Area:Top wing: 437 sq in (28.2 sq dm); Bottom wing: 318 sq in (20.5 sq dm); Total: 755 sq in (48.7 sq dm)
Flying Weight: 5.20–5.55 lb (2.40–2.50 kg) without battery; 6.00–6.40 lb (2.70–2.90 kg) with battery
Motor Size: Power 25–32
Radio: 4+ channel radio required
Servos: (2) mini servos, (2) micro servos required
Prop Size: 13 x 4E (Power 25); 14 x 7E (Power 32)
Speed Control : 60-amp brushless
Recommended Battery: 4S 3200mAh Li-Po
Approx. Flying Duration: 10 minutes
Experience Level: Intermediate
Recommended Environment: Outdoor
Assembly Time: 7-9 Hours
Price: $329.99