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DU-BRO E/Z Bender

I mounted my E/Z Bender on a 12x4x3/4-inch piece of birch plywood using two no. 8 wood screws, and then I clamp this board to my workbench.
 I dont know about you, but I am always on the lookout for a new tool that will make my life easier and let me get a job done faster. Dont get me wrong, I love building, but with all of lifes distractions chipping away at my hobby time, I try to work as efficiently as possible. Consequently, I was thrilled when I saw a prototype of Du-Bros new no. 480 E/Z Bender last October. This production-quality tool will clearly speed up the pesky task of bending pushrod ends andI was soon to findmany other shapes from small-diameter wire.

The E/Z Bender was designed for Z-bends, and a little evolution quickly made it a go-to tool for any number of wirebending tasks. The kit includes two hardened bending dies that slot into the base and also act as the pivot points for the handle. The handle holds two hardened pins that protrude together on one side for creating precision Z-bends. Flip the handle over, and just one pin protrudes to allow you to make one bend at a time. You can hold the E/Z Bender in a bench vise or secure it to a base.

The music/piano-wire cutters from Stevens AeroModel make quick clean cuts in hardened wire with barely any burr.


Im almost embarrassed to tell you how easy this tool is to use. Simply select the die that best fits your wire, install it in the base, and slide on the handle so that both bending pins are up. Now position a piece of wire in the die and pull the handle until you feel a slight increase in the resistance; this indicates you have completed a 90-degree bend. Relax the handle, pick up the wire and admire the perfection of your latest Z-bend. Want an L-bend instead? No problem. Flip the handle for the singlepin mode, and repeat the process for another perfect pushrod end!

The precision dies that are included with the original no. 480 E/Z Bender are for 0.015 to 0.020 and 0.031 to 0.047 wire sizes. A second bender, no. 481, will be available by the time you read this, and it will include dies for 0.062 to 0.072 and 0.072 to 0.093 wire. The dies for both benders are the same diameter, and they will be available individually if you would like to extend the size range of your bender. The larger sizes will be suitable for pushrods on larger models or the landing gear of your latest park flyer.

Above left: insert your wire into the die, position it against both bending pins, and pull the handle as indicated. Center: note the accurate 90-degree corners with barely any distortion. Right: snake bends for fixed control horns are easy to make, too. Make an L-bend and then reposition the wire with the first leg vertical alongside the bending pin.


Du-Bros new E/Z Bender is one of those tools that you look at, try, wonder why you didnt think of it first and then ask why it hasnt been available for decades. Yes, it is that good. The results are clean, accurate 90-degree bends free of the flats usually seen when using many Z-bend pliers. Ask for one today at your local hobby shop. For just $25, I bet youll soon find it indispensible as well.

Du-Bro,, (800) 848-9411
Stevens AeroModel,, (719) 393-0830