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Byron Fuels Purchases Wildcat Fuels–Insuring a Strong Future for Both Brands

Jerry Conley, founder of Wildcat Fuels, has announced the purchase of Wildcat Fuels by Byron Originals Inc, Ida Grove, Iowa. Byron Originals will begin production and shipping Wildcat Fuels immediately.

Byron Originals has been blending its line of fuels since 1988 and Wildcat began blending shortly after in 1992. Both companies are comprised of active modelers who originally decided to develop and blend their own lines of fuel because there was a definite need for quality fuel formulas. Both fuels were instantly successful and both have become global leaders in the production and sales of model engine fuel. The resulting merger of the companies promises the continued availability of quality fuels for many years into the future, with no sacrifices in quality or consistency.

Jerry states, “I would like to thank all those modelers who have chosen Wildcat over the years. I elected to sell Wildcat Fuels so I could devote more time to full scale air show performing. It was important to me to select the best blender to take over my operation and no one shares my high values like Byron Originals. Byron is sure to continue the Wildcat tradition and is in a perfect position to strengthen the line and to assure modelers continued availability of the quality products and service they have come to rely upon from the Wildcat brand.”

Ryan Godbersen, COO of Byron Originals, stated, “Adding the Wildcat line will assure modelers of not just one strong line from Byron Originals, but two. It is our goal to continue to produce both lines as they have been produced in the past. Future Wildcat Fuel products will enjoy the added benefit from our unequalled R&D efforts. This is a win-win situation for both lines and for all modelers who have appreciated quality fuels.”

Wildcat Fuels are available from your local hobby shop. Interested dealers should order through their regular distribution channels or can call Byron Originals for more information.

Byron Originals, Inc., Ida Grove, IA 51445, phone: 712-364-3164, email: info@byronoriginalsinc.com