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By Loud Design Giant Scale Lockheed P3 Orion

By Loud Design announces the newest truly Giant Scale RC Model airplane, the Lockheed P3 Orion with built in jigs for all major assemblies. This 1:10 giant scale model has a 120” wingspan and length of 152”. It features normal control surfaces; Fowler flaps, ailerons, elevators and rudder. The fuselage is built in two sections; with payload bay doors and top hatch in fuselage for electrical/electronics access. Carefully developed by a passionate and detailed designer from available official data and drawings of the P3 Orion and many photos; and designed using Computer Assisted Drafting to insure accurate parts and assembly. The wings, fuselage and stabilizers are furnished with attached jigs to insure ease of assembly and correct alignments. Laser cut and numbered, Birch and LitePly, Balsa and aircraft grade aluminum hardware parts.Strong construction of airframe and wings provided by accurately laser cut interconnected parts and fiberglass covered balsa wood sheeting. Construction Notes are given with a detailed order of assembly.

Short kit [Plans, Construction Notes, Material List and Laser Cut Wood parts and Hardware included] or plans only are available. If you purchase plans you have 30 days to buy the kit and get full credit for the cost of the plans.

See the website at: If you have any questions about the design call Charles Loud at 480-628-3219 or email him at