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BOOK: R/C Helicopter Adventure Scenarios by Gord Broadfoot

Bring Your R/C Helicopter Flights to a Whole New Level

Anyone who seeks to explore a new dimension in r/c helicopter flying MUST purchase and read this book.
See for yourself how this book has created a new niche in this hobby. This book makes the perfect gift for anyone interested in r/c helicopters, whether they are new to the hobby or have been enjoying it for many years. All pilots will have fun with the imaginative and exhilarating scenarios laid out in detail.
“R/C Helicopter Adventure Scenarios” will keep you entertained for many hours and will increase your proficiency with your r/c helicopters. It will also inspire many hours of true-to-life helicopter operations. You can find this amazing book thru Barnes and Noble, Powell Books, Ingram Book Services, Indigo Books, Chapters and worldwide at Amazon , and other fine online book outlets.

Invermere, B.C. 2013 – Gord Broadfoot is a business owner and entrepreneur whose interest in helicopter aerodynamics led to a hobby in radio control helicopter flying. As his experience grew he found himself wanting more challenges in this hobby, which lead to the creation of this little book of inspiration and instruction.