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Beacon Adhesives Foam-Tac

Foam-Tac is a specially formulated foam-safe adhesive designed to meet the needs of the discerning model builder. Foam-Tac is fast curing, lightweight, easy to use, and maintains a long shelf life. With Foam-Tac there is no need for any other adhesive when building or repairing any type of foam airplane. Foam-Tac works on EPP, EPO, and Styrofoam as well as carbon fiber, wood, and many metals. Foam-Tac works great for making hinges, assembly, motor mounts, and just about any task needed to build your foam project. Foam-Tac dries crystal clear, stays flexible, and never becomes brittle or yellow. Damaged planes are fixed and flying in just a few minutes, saving time, money, and effort.Foam-Tac and all of Beacon’s quality hobby glues are Proudly Made in America.
Suggested retail: $11.99
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