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And The Hangar 9 P-40B Warhawk 50 Winner is…

We were as excited to hear from the winner of our December 2012 issue Hangar 9 P-40B Warhawk 50 as he was to receive his new airplane! Thanks to our winner for brightening our day with a photo of himself and his new RC airplane in front of the Christmas tree. That does look like a pretty nice holiday gift, doesn’t it? Congratulations, Darren!

Here’s what he has to say:

“Thank you again! The plane arrived on December 15th, the day before my birthday! What a great birthday and Christmas present! I unboxed the plane and it is gorgeous. There is only one very small wrinkle in the ultracote that will take about two seconds to smooth out. I think I will run the Evolution .52nx in her and will also get the retracts. When I get her built I will send you a picture.

I have been flying for just over a year now. I have the Hanger 9 P51 MKII and love it. I also have the Great Planes Escapade 40, also a great plane, and the AT-6 Texan by Nitroplanes. This will be a great addition to my hanger!

Thanks again, I still have a hard time believing that I won the plane. In any event, the gift is greatly appreciated!!!