Sunday, July 14, 2024
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AMA’s message on advances in technology

The Academy of Model Aeronautics released a video where AMA President Bob Brown talks about recent changes in technology and AMA updated position on First Person View or FPV flight.  The video describes the efforts the AMA has made over the years to evaluate and recommend how to integrate new technology safely into the model aviation activities.  Check out the video to hear from Bob Brown and the AMA on their support of new technology in model aviation.

Technology in model aviation continues to advance at an increasing rate.  It is exciting to see the new tools and toys for use in RC Flight and we do our best to review and discuss them here at Fly RC.  Clubs and organizations such as the AMA need to continue to look at how these new technologies will effect them and hopefully how they can integrate them into their activities.

How has First-person view flight (FPV) and multirotor semi-autonomous flight affected you?

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