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AeroBroach Hinge Slotting Tools

AeroBroach provides a means of forming a slot of pre-determined width for installation of commercially available plastic hinges in preparation for permanent attachment of the hinges to the control surface caps. The resulting slot is also wider than the hinge to compensate for lateral adjustment and final positioning of the hinge along the hinge line on the opposing control surface cap ( ie. aileron to wing, rudder to fin, and elevator to horizontal stabilizer). The design of the broach provides accurate centering of the slot on the control surface hinge line and the serrated sides shear the wood perpendicular to the grain. The resulting geometry of the slot is similar to the hinge in thickness and width. AeroBroach does not rely on splitting the grain, instead it generates the slot by shearing action perpendicular to the wood grain which reduces the time it takes to make the slots and is less damaging to the wood.

AeroBroach Advantages:

– Saves time
– Easy to use
– Accurate – broaches are designed to produce a slot that fits the selected hinge
– Each broach is clearly identified by laser engraving.
– AeroBroach can be used to clean-up and realign pre-cut hinge slots in ARF’s
– Great for field repairs – a new slot can be made on an inside corner without splitting the edge
– The broaching blade material is strain-hardened chrome/nickel alloy for strength and durability
– Laser cut for precision and accuracy

AeroBroaches can be used with many commercially available handles and holders, used with or without a handle in a press, or adapted to a handle of the modelers’ preference AeroBroach geometry, broach material properties and thickness, and the laser-cutting process used to fabricate the broach provides a tool to the aircraft modeler that precisely cuts hinge slots in control surface caps.

Available from:
Precision Aero
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin