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$30 Merchandise Certificate Offer on Triton EQ/EQ2 Purchases

Starting October 15, 2013, modelers who buy a Triton EQ or EQ2 will get more than a great charger; they’ll also qualify to receive a merchandise certificate redeemable for $30 that can be used to purchase additional products from ElectriFly, or products from over 30 other respected R/C manufacturers. Compact, programmable and affordable, Tritons offer AC/DC versatility and charging tailored to popular battery chemistries, including Lithium, NiMH, NiCd and lead-acid batteries. Charging parameters are easy to program — using a touchpad on the Triton EQ, and with a dial and two pushbuttons on the Triton EQ2. Both feature a bright backlit tilting LCD screen to simplify setup and charge monitoring. While Triton EQ chargers are designed to last indefinitely, the Merchandise
Rebate Certificate is not. Offer ends December 31, 2013.