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1/10 Scale Graupner Nemesis Formula One Racer

Pilot and designer Jon Sharp won the Reno Air Races six times with his Nemesis racer. His aircraft also holds the Formula One speed record, clocking a top speed of 255.257 MPH. Now, Graupner brings the Nemesis Formula One Reno Racer to modelers in a three channel, 1/10 scale kit made of SOLIDPOR® high-density foam. Kit features an airfoil with foamed CRP, CAM folding prop and precision spinner, fuselage cover with magnetic quick closure, and detailed instructions with photos of the construction stages.


Wingspan approx:640mm

Overall length, approx:565mm

All-up weight approx:300g

Total surface area approx:8.6dm²

Wing area:7.3dm²

Wing loading:35g/dm²

Retail price:$68.86

More information at Graupner USA