Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Orienting the Engine Head

If your engine has a symmetrical cooling head and you have removed it to service your engine, it’s best to remount the head in its original orientation. This is because microscopic asymmetries in the original positioning of the …

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Light, Low-cost Dual Strut Landing Gear

Fiberglass light reflector rods can be purchased for $3 to $6 at many hardware and home improvement stores. Buy one with an outside diameter of approximately ¼ inch and you’ll have a sturdy, lightweight component that can be …

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Mounting Park Flyer Carbon Controls

Very small diameter, lightweight carbon fiber rods (available from Aerospace Composite Products, ( can be just the thing for home-brewed control systems that go the extra mile in terms of eliminating slop and weight. Attach a .040-inch diameter …

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