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Video: Overview of the Variety of Tactic 2.4GHz Radios

The Tactic brand is already known for its focus on affordability and value, but even veteran modelers are surprised by the wide selection it offers, as well. Tactic offers a full line of interference-free 2.4GHz radios, which starts with the modern TTX300 3-channel surface system and goes on to include the TTX410 and TTX610 flight radios, as well as the TTX650 and TTX850 computer radios. All systems offer the security and linking ease of the SLT protocol, which makes them ideal for use with Tx-R aircraft from Flyzone, Great Planes, Heli-Max and more. However, Tx-R aircraft can also be flown with virtually any radio, thanks to the Tactic AnyLink2 2.4GHz Radio Adapter. Compact and lightweight, it attaches in just minutes, and can turn virtually any R/C radio – regardless of band, brand or modulation — into a true, 2.4GHz powerhouse. Tactic receivers are just as versatile and budget-friendly. Some offer the dependability and unbreakable strength of transmitter/receiver linking automatically, while others offer the one-second speed and ease of push-button binding. There’s a Tactic receiver for virtually any application, from the ultralight and compact TR1424 for small electrics to the dual-antenna TR825 for full-range aircraft of all kinds. But Tactic also offers servos for almost every applications, plus a wide range of adapters, connectors, extensions and other accessories.

For no-frills affordability matched with no-compromise performance, make the right move in radio control: to Tactic.

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