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VIDEO: Great Planes U-Can-Do SF GP/EP .55-.82 ARF

The Side-Force Generators of the new U-Can-Do SF will help you get more from every flight than ever before. SFGs eliminate wing-tip turbulence and increase airflow over ailerons to maximize control in high-alpha and 3D maneuvers. Dual-tapered wings provide extra stability and are single-piece for easy transport. Whether you want a glow or electric setup, extreme 3D or smooth aerobatics, the U-Can-Do SF is a bird you have to fly.


Wingspan: 59 in (1500 mm)
Length: 58 in (1475 mm)
Wing Area: 912 in2 (58.8 dm2)
Weight: 6.5-7.25 lb (2950-3290 g)
Wing Loading: 16-18 oz/ft2 (49-55 g/dm2)
Requires: Radio with a minimum of 4-channels and 5 high-torque servos, 2-stroke .55-.65 or 4-stroke .80-.82 glow engine, or 50-55-500 brushless outrunner motor, 60A ESC (min.) & 22.2V 3350mAh LiPo battery.