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Two Microaces Defence of the Reich TwinPacks Now Available

If you like to delve into the history of WWII aircraft now & again, you’ll be interested to know that Microaces has created two twinpacks consisting of two iconic aircraft that became fierce adversaries in the skies over Europe in 1944 in the phase of the conflict known as ‘Defense of the Reich’.

Mustang Vs Butcher Bird
As the tide turned against the Axis powers and allied forces advanced across Europe, the battle for aerial domination was contested using some of the most advanced aircraft, developed at break-neck speed as the demands of the conflict changed. The P51-D Mustang and Focke Wulf Fw190A epitomise these shifting requirements as the aggressor turned into homeland defender and allied powers looked to bring about a swift end to the war. Here at Microaces we have brought together these two iconic warbirds in TWO Deluxe Twin Packs that not only give you a terrific project for the winter months, but also provide a big saving over buying each kit individually.

Cripes A’Mighty & Black 8 Twinpack
This combat pack includes the P51-D Cripes A’Mighty, flown by Major George Preddy, one of the highest scoring Mustang pilots of the war and Fw190 A8 Black 8 flown by Unteroffitzier Willi Maximowitz, an extraordinarily aggressive flyer who brought down 15 allied bombers through a combination of cannon fire and ramming.

Old Crow & Red 13 Twinpack
This combat pack includes triple ace Bud Anderson’s famous P51-D Old Crow in the olive drab scheme it was originally painted in before it was stripped back to the aluminum. Heinz Bar’s Focke Wulf Fw190 A7 carries his lucky 13 numeric and the tail is adorned with the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords to mark his 200th aerial victory.

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